Based in the heartlands of France, this family run business has been making socks and hosiery for three generations. They only use certified OEKO-TEX® cotton; a label that guarantees the absence of harmful substances to protect your health and the environment.


The company was started with a view to helping provide employment to people with disabilities whenever possible. They specialise in using water-based inks, which, although more difficult to use, have virtually no impact on the environment.


Our new collection includes a range of make-up bags, tote bags and purses. They are hand-made in Edinburgh, Scotland and the fabric is 100% organic cotton that is printed in the UK with eco-friendly pigments.


Operating for over 30 years this Swedish outfit is family run and their aim is to have minimal impact on the environment. The production process does not use any water or solvents and all the wood used comes either from FSC- or PEFC-certified suppliers i.e. from forests that are cultivated responsibly and with a long-term view.


We do not use any plastic packaging! We have strived to make sure that every bit can be recycled, even our tape is paper! Our protective loose fill is a natural packaging material which is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable - it might not be the prettiest but we wouldn't use anything else.