Our Story - Wokiee

Sustainably sourced, ethically produced.

At MAiK, we think manufacturing should be done responsibly, to look after the environment and the people involved.

We only work with factories and manufacturers that share the same ethics and values as us. All our products are made with materials that have been sourced responsibly.

Honest pricing

In the beginning, we priced our products with the required mark up for retailers. Traditionally retailers mark their products up 5 to 6 times. 

We realised that our customers ended up paying far more than they should. We decided to change this so our customers pay the fairest price possible. Our prices are marked up 2 to 3 times.

We are able to keep our prices low by selling only online, which means you don’t pay any additional costs and you get high-quality products without the huge price tag.

From London to Edinburgh

MAiK's first home was Brixton, South West London and at the end of 2016 we moved to Edinburgh.

We have a studio in the Hill Street Design House where Cat designs and creates our original products. 



"MAiK; an old Scottish term meaning equal. Pronounced 'make'."

Our designs. Long lasting quality.

We don’t chase trends, our aim is to produce fresh contemporary designs that are timeless and stylish. We want you to be using our products for years to come. 

Our factories are in France, Sweden and the UK and they provide safe working environments, fair pay and hours for their staff.

Our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We only use organic cotton and OEKO-TEX® cotton (a label that guarantees the absence of harmful substances to protect your health and the environment).

Plastic free packaging

We have carefully developed and sourced packaging to ensure all elements are biodegradable and recyclable, even our tape is paper!

Our protective loose fill is a natural packaging material made from potato starch, which is 100% biodegradable, and fully compostable - it might not be the prettiest but we wouldn't use anything else.

Meet Cat Thorogood -  Founder and Designer

Cat was born and raised in Scotland before moving to London in 2001 to study at Camberwell College of Arts. 

While working for a men's streetwear brand Cat became frustrated at the lack of care for the environment and ethical practices. They worked with factories in China, forced into big runs and no control over the material sourcing.

She made it her mission to start a design-led brand that made high quality products responsibly. After a year of finding factories that supported their local communities and sourced their materials responsibly, Cat launched the first MAiK collection in May 2016.

Before starting MAiK, Cat worked across various industries, her favourite being snow sports. She spent several winters working in French ski resorts. When she is not in the studio in Edinburgh, she can be found either walking up a hill in the Scottish countryside or hiking in the French Alps - and always with her camera!