Sustainably Sourced, Ethically Produced and Delivered Plastic Free

October 03, 2019

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At MAiK, we try our hardest to look after the environment and provide items which are sustainably sourced and ethically produced. It is our mission to be a design-led brand that makes high quality products responsibly, as we believe that it’s possible to create quality products whilst having minimal impact on the environment. As well as this, we make sure to only work with manufacturers who support their local communities and source their materials responsibly.  

            Sustainably sourced birch trays for MAiK

We want to ensure that our ethos and values are apparent in not only our manufacturing but our delivery too, which is why we worked tirelessly to achieve completely plastic-free packaging, a goal we achieved back in 2016! Every element of our packaging has been carefully developed and sourced to ensure they are both biodegradable and recyclable.

              organic cotton bags made by MAiK and sent with plastic free packaging

Even the tape and tissue paper we use is 100% recyclable. Our kraft boxes are from FSC approved forests and are more eco-friendly than white boxes with at least 60% of the material that makes up the boxes we use are recycled, making them the greenest packaging material available. 

            UK placemat sets, plastic free

Finding eco-friendly box filler was no easy task, which is why we were so pleased to come across a protective loose fill called Eco Fill - a natural packaging material made from potato starch, which is 100% biodegradable, and fully compostable. Not only does it dissolve in water, which eliminates the issue of littering, but starch is also an annually renewable source, meaning it doesn’t deplete like petro-chemical based polystyrene does. Eco Fill is also used by bigger brands such as Lush as they share the same dedication we do to protecting the environment.

              Package free birch trays - no plastic packaging

We also work hard to make changes to our packaging based on customer feedback – last year, following a customer survey, we got rid of our placemat boxes as 90% of customers stated they threw the boxes away immediately. If we don’t have to use packaging, then we won’t!

In what ways do you ensure your work is sustainable and ethical? We always love hearing about what our customers are doing to reduce their impact on the environment!






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