Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday



I launched MAiK in 2016 after a year of planning, research and dodgy samples. Prior to MAiK I had been working in men’s streetwear in the snow, surf and skate industry. As much as I loved this, I grew uneasy that more and more of our production was being done in China. A combination of this and watching the True Cost documentary pushed me to give it up and start MAiK. My focus was to create a brand with beautifully designed pieces that are made in good ways. 

At MAiK, the ethos is that manufacturing should be done responsibly, to look after the environment and people involved. 

I’m only 2 1/2 years into this journey and everyday is challenging but rewarding. I’m lucky to have surrounded myself with so many amazing people that have helped grow MAiK to where it is now. 

Today is
Small Business Saturday, a day to support and champion small businesses. I am proud that MAiK is a small business, as a brand we like to work with, support and celebrate other small businesses that share our values and ethics.


Cat xx

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