Say goodbye to shoes and hello to comfy socks!

Say goodbye to shoes and hello to comfy socks!

With the whole of the UK on lock down, and most of the world now too, we’re staying indoors, we’re creating new routines and we’re trying to figure out what works best for us during these strange and uncertain times. One of the most important things we can do while we try to establish our new normal is stick to the routines we’ve still got left: eat a good breakfast, try to exercise every day and get dressed like it’s a normal day at work - even though your sofa might be your workspace now. For most of us, if we’re staying at home then we certainly won’t be wearing our shoes around the house – and this is where an extra special pair of socks comes into the picture!

With more and more time being spent at home, you’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible, and you’ll not regret wearing a pair of MAiK socks which are super soft and comfy. And, with a variety of fun and unique designs, they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you feel like you’re ready for the working day ahead.

The Stylist agrees too – check out their latest ‘Stylist Loves’ series featuring our classic Breton Stripe Socks by clicking here

Check out a few more of our favourites below – online now!


New arrivals! Women’s Ankle Socks

MAiK Ankle Socks


Whether you’re doing household chores, redecorating or having a wardrobe clear out, our new Ankle Socks are the perfect pair for your feet when you’re keeping busy indoors! And if you’re planning to head out for your daily dose of Vitamin D, these ones are great for wearing with trainers now we’re being treated to some gorgeous sunshine.

Our Women’s Ankle Socks come in three styles – each one featuring a unique design that will add an extra bit of style to your stay-at-home outfit.

Check out the Waffle Blue Ankle Socks by clicking here.

The Waffle Mango Ankle Socks by clicking here.

And the Arrow Ankle Socks by clicking here.


Succulent Socks for the stay-at-home plant mum

MAiK Succulent Socks

Quarantine is the perfect time for getting to know your houseplants a little better; repot, water, mist and watch them flourish and grow! Our Succulent Socks make a great accompaniment to your daily plant rituals and will bring a little of the outdoors inside your home too. Plus, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with what’s going on in the world, studies have shown that being surrounded by plants can reduce stress levels and make you feel more calm – and we’d like to think the same goes for the socks on your feet too!

Shop the Succulent Socks by clicking here.


Add a bit of holiday magic to your feet with the Turtles Socks!

MAiK Turtles Socks

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world will be missing out on summer holidays this year due to COVID-19. Dreams of sandy beaches, cocktails on the balcony and golden sunsets will have to wait a little longer – but in the meantime, you can bring a little bit of holiday to your home with our Turtle Socks! These socks will have you feeling like you’re out in the beautiful waters of Greece in no time – so get your cocktail shaker out, put your feet up and turn on your favourite holiday tunes to give you the full holiday experience without having to leave the house!

Shop the Turtles Socks by clicking here.


On your bike with the Bicycle Socks

MAiK Bicycle Socks

Missing the great outdoors and endless adventures? Us too! And while we’re extremely lucky to still be able to get out for a short walk or exercise every day, it can be difficult to replace the feeling of a long bike ride in the country side. While we can’t replace that feeling, we can offer our Bicycle Socks to put a smile on your face! They’ll be a hopeful reminder that as soon as this is over, your bicycle will still be there waiting for you.

Shop the Bicycle Socks by clicking here.


Have a night out IN with the Waffle Teal Socks 

MAiK Waffle Teal Socks

All dressed up and nowhere to go? We’re using this Easter Sunday as an excuse to stay at home and get dressed up! And our Waffle Teal Socks for men are perfect for adding a bit of style to your outfit – without having to wear shoes! Have a family meal, a date night, watch your favourite band do a live performance on Instagram - crack open your favourite bottle of wine and enjoy your evening in style. The new staying in is most definitely the new going out!

Get yourself a pair of the Waffle Socks by clicking here


Work from home in style in the Cube Socks

MAiK Cube Socks

It’s important to keep up a routine when you’re working from home – have breakfast, get dressed, take proper breaks, and wear your favourite socks of course! Our Cube Socks are perfect for a design loving man – so whether you’re a graphic designer, a photographer or an architect, these socks are the perfect treat for your feet when you’re working from home.

Check out the Cube Socks by clicking here.

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