Plastic Free Packaging

Plastic Free Packaging

As you know we are trying our hardest to look after the environment and that goes as far as how we package your orders. When we started we wanted to make sure that our ethos went from the manufacturing right through to the dispatching. We have looked for the best way to achieve plastic-free packaging and still make it beautiful when it arrives at your door.

It was easy enough to source brown boxes made from recycled material in the UK. Some people question if brown boxes are more eco-friendly than white and the answer is yes, probably in most cases. With a brown box, 100% or at least 60% of the material that makes up the box is recycled content making it the greenest packaging material available.

The next step was tape. The majority of tape is plastic and it should be removed before boxes are recycled but most people do not do this. We wanted to remove this issue so we found some self-adhesive paper tape has a long-lasting natural stick. The tape is made from silicone-free free Kraft paper with a natural rubber adhesive making it recyclable with the carton.

Our biggest challenge was finding a box filler to protect our products in transit. The majority of filler out there is plastic airbags, polystyrene or bubble wrap and all of these are a big no in our eyes.  Polystyrene and plastic take around 500 years to decompose and our beautiful earth is littered with it. 

We came across a product called Eco-Flo which blew our mind! It is a natural packaging material made from potato starch. It’s 100% biodegradable, fully compostable and while it might not be the prettiest we wouldn't use anything else. EcoFlo conforms to EN13432, making it suitable for domestic or municipal compost. So you can pop it in your compost bin or dissolve it in water!

Finally, we come to our tissue paper! We want to make sure that you have a beautiful unboxing experience and for us, that means the tissue paper is the final touch. We use recycled off-white unbleached tissue paper. 

We are always trying to find the best and most eco-friendly packaging materials so if you have any suggestions, tips or know of any new products, please send us a message on as we would love to hear about them! 



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