Our new 2019 collection is here!

February 01, 2019

Our new 2019 collection is here!

In the kitchen, there are bright colours across our signature geometric patterns. The designs are on both round and rectangular placemat shapes, in the last year the round placemat sets have been the go-to choice.

Our placemats are now sold individually so you can mix and match to create your perfect table mat set. 

Striped Placemat Set

Rectangular Placemats £10

Our plain placemat and coaster collection continues to be popular so we have restocked them.  The Parrot with its deep rich blue-green has a high gloss finish is our best seller. The plain colours are the perfect choice if you already have bold patterns throughout your kitchen and dining space.

Star Placemat £10 & Coaster £5 

Our placemats and coasters are made in the UK from sustainably sourced materials. Each one is finished by hand. 

round placemat sets UK

Angles Round Placemat £10

We're so excited about our new socks! Our Bicycle and Mountain prints have been so popular that we have introduced two new prints; Boats and Fish. The geometric prints are on a rich dark blue background which means they will look great with a suit!

colourful novelty socks for men

Mens Socks £12

Our unisex Swallow socks are inspired by the traditional swallow tattoo. 

The swallow tattoo was a symbol used historically by sailors to show off their sailing experience. A sailor would have one tattoed on their chest for every 5,00 nautical miles. It is also said that if the sailor drowns, the swallows will guide their soul to heaven. 

fun gift socks for men

Swallow Socks £12

Just for women, we have our new Pineapple v2 sock. The soft greys, peach and pale mint make the socks chic and stylish. 

Our French manufacturer has been producing socks for 3 generations. Thanks to their ‘savoir-faire’ we are able to offer high-quality socks made from yarn spun in Italy and Portugal.

We use certified OEKO-TEX® cotton; a label that guarantees the absence of harmful chemicals.

colourful floral socks for women

Pineapple Socks £12

All our products are made with sustainably and ethically sourced materials. We’re passionate about a responsible manufacturing process that looks after the environment and the people involved. All our prints are designed exclusively in-house.

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