Our Favourite Vegan Food in London

Our Favourite Vegan Food in London

This week in MAiK News we share our favourite vegan spots in London to grab a bite to eat.


Located just off Regent Street, Tibits is one of our favourite restaurants in Central London. Tibits caters for almost everyone; vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. There is a vast selection of hot and cold dishes, soups and desserts. The food takes influences from all over the world and you pay by weight so you can have as much or as little as you want. The restaurant is open all day and if you are not hungry you can enjoy a fresh juice (or gin!) at the bar. tibits.ch

Photo by @lottiemurphy_

Ms. Cup Cake

If you are in Brixton and fancy a cupcake then look no further! Ms. Cupcake is South London's original vegan bakery. It is 100% vegan and makes cupcakes, layer cakes, cookies, muffins, squares, sandwiches, savoury treats and much, much more. They even have a gluten free options so if you are gluten free and dairy free then this place is heaven! Look out for the Nanaimo bar...it's our favourite! mscupcake.co.uk


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Bonnington Cafe

In a leafy square in Vauxhall you will find the Bonnington Cafe. It is a co-operatively run vegetarian and vegan restaurant and one of South London's best-kept secrets. The cafe has been open since the early 80's when it was started as a squat Café to provide a good cheap meal for the community. The cafe is run by a collective of chefs so you never know what the menu might be. We would recommend booking to avoid disappointment! bonningtoncafe.co.uk

Photo by @thebalanceplan

Wild Food Cafe 

On the 1st floor and just above hustle and bustle of Neal's Yard is The Wild Food Cafe. It is a raw-centric, vegan / vegetarian eatery who are all about wild, fresh, colourful gourmet ingredients created around the art and science of feeling great! We love their selection of main dishes but if we are honest it is the desserts that keep us coming back! wildfoodcafe.com

Photo by @thewildfoodcafe

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