NEW IN! Organic Tea Towels

NEW IN! Organic Tea Towels

100% organic cotton tea towels from MAiK

We're so excited to introduce our brand new tea towel collection! The tea towels are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton. 

They're made in the UK by a company that was started with a view to helping provide employment to people with disabilities. They also focus on the making process being as low impact and safe as possible so they specialise in using water-based inks, which, although more difficult to use, have virtually no impact on the environment. 

grey organic cotton tea towel

In our tea towel collection, we have two geometric designs, a black and white and grey and white. Next up is the Angles print for those that want to bring a pop of colour into their kitchen. Each tea towel has a hanging loop. 

geometric organic cotton tea towelCoral organic cotton tea towel

The tea towels either come individually for £12 or you can buy a pack of two for £20




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