Meet Our Makers: Fabric Works

Meet Our Makers: Fabric Works

Here at MAiK we are passionate about working with makers that we know and trust. We searched high and low to find people to work with where the way the products were made, the conditions that the makers worked in and materials that were used were all equally ethical. We were lucky enough to stumble across the wonderful social enterprise Fabric Works. 

Based in East London, they offer a bespoke production service to brands while at the same time providing a training programme that gives opportunities to local unemployed women.

Photo credit Fabric Works

As well as the courses they also offer a welcoming space where the women can gain advice, ask for support support and have fun.

These courses have a direct impact on benefitting local communities in East London, by providing the women with skills for future employment in the fashion and textile industry or the oportunity to progress within the FabricWorks production team. 

If you would like to learn more about Fabric Works and some of the wonderful ladies who work there, you can head over to their website

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