Father's Day Gift Guide - treat your Dad to something special!

Father's Day Gift Guide -  treat your Dad to something special!

Give your dad a present to remember with our 'Dad You Are The Best' socks gift box. This set features three pairs of socks in shades of blue; a classic Breton stripe, a cloud print and an abstract ikat design. The perfect gift to remind him of what an amazing father he is. The set comes in a kraft box, and each pair of socks is made from comfy combed cotton. Available in size 41 to 46.


Give your dad a present to remember this Father’s Day with our Dad You Are The Best Socks Gift Box.


If your Dad is someone who turns into a mamal at the weekend then our Bicycle socks will make the perfect gift! The best selling design has made many a keen cyclist happy!


This sock is the perfect gift for bike loving men when they’re not on two wheels. Know a cycling enthusiast? This would make the perfect father’s day  present.

5 tips for a great Father's Day.


1: Breakfast in bed or at the very least a cup of tea! 
Pancakes (see recipe below), a full English or a bowl of cereal - it's the thought that counts! 


2: Give him something special.
Bring a smile to his face with a gift just for him. 


3: Spend time together.
Do something special with him, from his favourite activity, a nice pub lunch or just some quality time at home. 


4: Bring on the praise!
Remind him that he is your superhero. 


5: Humour him....just for the day 😉
It'll be worth it!



If you are stuck for breakfast ideas this is our favourite pancake recipe. Not only is it quick and delicious but it is vegan and gluten-free! 


Gluten free vegan pancakes made with oats, bannana and almond milk



Banana Oat Pancakes

1/2 cup gluten-free oats (45g)

1 medium banana (90g peeled)

3 1/2 tbsp milk of choice (52g)

optional extras: cinnamon or blueberries


Combine the first 3 ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. If you fancy jazzing them up you can stir in cinnamon, blueberries or even chocolate chips.  

Put some oil in a frying pan, we use coconut and heat it to a medium temperature. Pour ladles of the batter mix into the pan and cook until you can flip them over. Cook for an additional minute or so until nice and golden. Drizzle with maple syrup or coconut yoghurt. 

The recipe makes 6-7 small pancakes, so double the recipe if you and your Dad are hungry!





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