Tips To Bring A Splash Of Colour To Your Rental Flat

Tips To Bring A Splash Of Colour To Your Rental Flat

We know how hard it can be to brighten up your home especially if it is a rental flat. Unless you are really lucky it is all cream walls, brown carpets and no picture hooks. It's incredibly frustrating trying to add personality to your home when you can't paint any walls or even put up a picture. One of the first things people say when they buy a house is 'I'm so excited to bang a nail into the wall'! 

Here are some tips on how to bring a splash of colour and style to your home without breaking the bank or the rental rules! 

Tip 1 - Get creative with your cushions! 

I mean what an easy starting point! You can dress any sofa, bed or room with a few cushions and instantly make an impact. You can choose a theme, style and transform your room in an instant. 

Pure Organic Cotton cushion £38

Tip 2 - Have green fingers! 

Houseplants are relatively cheap and are a great way to bring life to your room. You can buy pots that fit in with your theme and bring a bit of colour to any room including your bathroom. We are a big fan of Patch, if you have limited knowledge they tell you which plants work best in different environments and they have beautiful pots to match. 

Photo by Patch 
Tip 3 - Decorate your table! 

Tableware! Add a touch of style to your table with placemats and coasters. A patterned placemat set can bring a colour boost to your kitchen. You can coordinate your table mats with the rest of your room and in our opinion, they're every bit as essential as delicious food! The big question is if you want round placemats or rectangular placemats! 

Geo Leaf Placemat Set £36


Tip 4 - Throw down a rug.

The best way to cover up ugly carpets is with more carpets! Draw the attention away from that beige floor with a beautifully patterned rug. We stumbled across these amazing rugs from Weaver Green which are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles!

REcycled rugs from Weaver Green

Photo by Weaver Green

Tip 5 - Tidy your sides with trays. 

Trays can be used all around the house from the kitchen to the bathroom and your bedroom. They can be used in the traditional sense as a serving trays but we have round that they make amazing organisers that help keep your room tidy as well as adding a touch of flair. In the kitchen use them for your oils and save your worktop, in the bathroom for your toiletries and in the bedroom keep your essentials on one on your bedside table. Until we made trays we didn't know how much we needed them! 

Birch trays for bathroom tidying

Birch Trays from £16




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