5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Our Placemats

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Our Placemats

Add some style to your dining table with some MAiK placemats! Our timeless and fun designs will brighten up any dining experience, as well as protect surfaces from marks or scrapes. If you’re thinking about purchasing one (or more!) then here’s 5 things you need to know before you head to the checkout!

MAiK Pinwheel Placemat

  1. Placemats can be purchased in sets of 4, 6 or singles. If you buy singles, you can mix and match with different types and designs to create your perfect set to fit in with the style of your kitchen.
  1. All the materials for the placemats are sustainably sourced, the wooden base is made from eucalyptus and the top layer is powdered melamine (Melamine is an organic compound that is food safe). The back of our placemats is made out of cork, which is hard wearing and non-slip so will ensure to stay put (perfect for little ones that may not be able to sit still during dinner times!) 
MAiK Lifestyle Angles Placemat

  1. The placemats are heat resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius. Not only is melamine an extremely durable product and can withstand hot temperatures, it is also wipe clean, making post-meal tidying up quick and easy.
  1. Our placemats are not packaged – we asked our customers whether or not they kept their packaging and 90% said they threw it away once they’d received their product. We work hard to make changes based on the feedback from our customers and if we don’t have to use packaging then we won’t! You can read more about our commitment to plastic-free packaging here.
MAiK Geo Leaf Geometric Placemat

  1. Our placemats are made in a family-run company in England, which has been going for two generations now! The services they offer are of an exceptional standard, which is evident through their maintained ISO 9001 certification since 2004. They work hard to ensure their service is the best it possibly can be and are currently working toward their ISO 14001 certification.
Now you’ve read up on everything it’s time to purchase your placemat! Which design will you go for?


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