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5 Ethical Brands We Love

February 27, 2020

5 Ethical Brands We Love

With more and more fashion brands pledging to care more about their impact on the environment, it really is an exciting time for sustainable fashion. We’ve come across a huge range of brands and designers whose values and ethos, like MAiK, are about protecting our planet, creating products responsibly and providing fair working conditions for their employees. So we’ve rounded up five ethical brands we love who put sustainability at the forefront of their business.




Aerende is an Olde English word meaning ‘care’ or ‘message’, and when you look further into the work of Aerende, it becomes clear quite quickly just how true these words are to their brand. Aerende is an online shop selling products and gifts for the home made by people living in the UK who are facing social challenges, such as struggling to access or maintain conventional employment.

Aerende is a brand that is passionate about the proven benefits of craft making and the positive effect it can have on mental health. Aerende was created to be able to provide support and encourage consideration for the things that we buy and the way we do business.

You can find out more about them and the work they do (and view their beautiful homeware!) over on their website by clicking here.


All That Is Braw

All That Is Braw

All That Is Braw sells a collection of adults, kids and babies clothing and some seriously beautiful wall hangings. Made by Eilidh Weir and a small team of skills seamtresses, All That Is Braw products are designed and made to last.

The website also offers the opportunity to ‘Dye Your Own’ – a range of white organic flannel sleepwear made to order which can be used as a base for dyeing experiments. After discovering a world of natural colours, Eilidh wanted to be able to encourage others to do the same and says that it gives her such a thrill to be able to send out sleepwear that will be changed and coloured by a new owner.

Find out more about Dye Your Own by clicking here.

Shop All That Is Braw by clicking here.


People Tree

People Tree

People Tree started in 1991, and since then has grown to become a pioneer in sustainable Fair Trade Fashion. From start to finish, every single one of their products is created to the highest ethical and environmental standards, proving that you can have innovative and fashion forward clothing while caring and showing respect for the environment.

People Tree were also the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation Label (how amazing!) proving their dedication to fair wages, good working conditions, environmental best practice and gender equality.

Find out more about People Tree and shop online by clicking here.


Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak

It’s highly likely you’ll have come across a pair of Lucy & Yak dungarees somewhere on your Instagram feed – the independent, handmade and sustainable fashion brand have an amazing range of fun, colourful and pattern clothing which have become popular the world over. The Lucy & Yak story is one which we love too – starting in New Zealand making tobacco pouches from old clothes which were sold to travellers. Quickly realising they had an eye for creativity and fashion, they sought out a manufacturer to make their dungaree designs, eventually finding one in India, who shared the same values and ethos as they did.

Fast forward to 2020 and now Lucky & Yak employs 13 people in the UK and 30 people helping to make Lucy & Yaks out in India. They now stock a wide range of clothing including trousers, jumpers and boiler suits. Check out their incredible range of clothing by clicking here.




Founded in 2002, Lowie creates heritage inspired sustainable womenswear, which has been designed with the planet in mind. Lowie was founded by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal who was raised on the Australian island of Tasmania. She spent a large portion of her childhood exploring her surroundings and learning about the planet and ways we can protect, which has been hugely influence on her brand.

When travelling the world, Bronwyn found herself falling in love with the traditional hand-knitting and colourful socks in Turkey which inspired her first Lowie product – the Lowie Turkish Socks.

Since then, Lowie has grown to be a vibrant womenswear label releasing two collections a year. Staying true to the roots of the brand, Lowie tries to be sustainable and ethical as possible, with sustainability and renewability being a strong focus.

Check out Lowie and the gorgeous collection of womenswear by clicking here.

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