3 Simple Rules for Getting Organised at Work

January 10, 2020

3 Simple Rules for Getting Organised at Work

For many of us, a new year brings the end of a holiday and the return to work. It can be a struggle to get back into the swing of things when you’ve been doing nothing but eating good food, watching daytime TV and spending time with family and friends, so getting your day-to-day work schedule can be difficult.

Organisation is one of the key components to having a successful day at work – when your desk, time and head is organised, it allows space for you to process your thoughts and tasks. And by adding more structure to your daily life, you’ll soon find you not only work better, but you’ll start to feel better and with a more positive outlook too!

Here are a few easy tips that you can start to implement into your everyday life to help you get organised and have a productive day:


Organise your workspace

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A tidy desk = a tidy mind! Clutter can be a distraction so get rid of anything that isn’t useful to you – this will make your workspace more functional and productive. Create a filing system for any paperwork and organize into categories, like clients, projects or events. And remember – anything you’ve used or don’t need can go in the shredder!

Your virtual workspace is just as important as your physical one – how many times do you open your laptop and groan at the amount of files on your desktop! Organise your electronic files in the same way as you would your paper filing by creating files and sub files – and make use of systems like Dropbox and Google Drive if you don’t have enough space on your computer. 


Manage your time

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When organising your time for the day, week, month, one of the first things you should do is figure out what your goal is – do you want to clear your inbox today? Do you want to engage with more people on your social media? Do you want to up your sales on your online store? Having a clear outcome will help you prioritise tasks and serve as a starting point for how you manage your schedule. Check out our top tips for goal setting here. **link to blog post**

Time blocking your day is also beneficial and helps to break up tasks and help you meet deadlines too. Set aside a particular amount of time for certain tasks and work towards completing it within that allocated time slot. Power hours are also beneficial for completing those small annoying tasks that you’ve been putting off for a while!


Get your head in the game

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Perhaps the most important part of getting organised is looking after yourself and your wellbeing. In order to get your day off to a good start, it’s important that you’ve had enough time to rest and sleep. It’s recommended that, before you head to bed, try to avoid caffeine and screen time, instead opting to read a book and drink a chamomile tea. You’ll notice the difference on your mood and your productivity levels when you’ve had a good night’s sleep!

It’s also important to take breaks during your working day – even if you’re self-employed or working from home. Make sure you take the time to eat a good lunch and recharge before getting back to an afternoon of work.


Have you got any tips for being organised? What works best for you? Let us know!

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